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Wait. . . I just looked up "gurney flap" in wikepedia. . .wouldn't a "gurney flap" push the trailing edge of the elevator UP and the nose DOWN?  That seems to be the opposite of what the sparrow strainer is trying to accomplish.  Just FYI.

The TE of the LS1 elevator is curved down. . . the sparrow strainer causes a DOWN force on the TE to reduce AFT stick forces.  Perhaps you would need to install "Gurney Spoilers" but that might cause even more problems.  :-)

Also not sure how you "increase lift or downforce."  What does that even mean?

Dan Yager
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On 2013-09-19 13:59, rick_nordgarden wrote:


Do a web search on "Gurney flap". Dan Gurney put the first one on Bobby Unser's Eagle Indy car in 1971; it's now widely used on aircraft, especially helicopter tail surfaces. It's a length of (usually) aluminum angle at the trailing edge of an airfoil that alters the airflow in ways that increase the pressure on the Gurney-equipped side of the surface and decrease it on the other side with little or no increase in drag; i.e., it improves the L/D while also increasing lift or downforce.

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