Re: Barnstormers: QUICKIE TRI-Q200 . $18,000

Phil Christiansen <rxforfun51@...>

I thought it looked like Bob's old plane.  Looks like the new owner is trying to make around 3-5 thousand on the deal too (depending on which price is correct)?

Phil Christiansen

And yes, Kevin...I have been working on my Dragonfly!  Almost finished painting the canard.  May take her home over the winter to get more work done on it so I'll hopefully be ready for inspection next spring.  :)

From: Jay Scheevel
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Subject: [Q-LIST] Re: Barnstormers: QUICKIE TRI-Q200 . $18,000

This is Bob Clark’s plane. I thought he sold it to a guy in Florida, but apparently it is in Texas now. It has a different prop on it from when Bob owned it. Looks like a Prince P-tip. Owner claims that it lands 85 to 95. I don’t remember Bob landing that fast.
Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q still building.

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