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Calvin Thorne

Kevin and Paul,

I really enjoyed reading of your recent trip.  You fellows are what aircraft building and EAA are all about.  Taking the time to offer flight time to Jon, another builder is most commendable, cheers to you guys.  I look forward to read of more flights and builder assistance.  I'm still rebuilding with about two more months before flying again so thanks for the flying stories.


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We had a great flight today. Who is we?
Paul Fisher and I went from DEH to TOB, only about 75 miles. The morning was great when we awoke, but soon there was ground fog. Very spotty, but fog none the less. Got a great breakfast consisting of a coffee and a roll at the local gas station. Off to the airport. The fog had lifted there, but to the west there was a layer that stretched for about 15 miles. It was very cool to fly over. Most of the way to TOB there was fog to the north of us, but at lease 20 miles away. At 2500' the air was smooth, so we stayed there for the ride up.

When we arrived we were greeted by Jon Swenson and Phil Christiansen. Phil has his plane in a hanger there, and is working on getting it in the air. Jon was needing some flying time before his first flight. Jon and I jumped in my Q and headed out. We did a simulated first flight. Took off on 16 with a 15MPH nose wind.
Climbed to 3000' to make slow turns, climbs, descents. all the usual. Climbed up to 4000' and did some pitch bucks, which were interesting, as I did not advance the power all the way, and we got into a second and third pitch buck. A good lesson, as I was not expecting the last two, so it was real world.
Jon flew for about 45 min just making mild maneuvers. Then back to the pattern for landing. It was so rough at pattern alt, that I decided not to do touch and go's, and landed. We will pick a smooth day for pattern work.
Went to Phil's hanger upon landing, and looked over his project. He is coming along, but slowly. We lit a fire under his ass, and headed for the planes.
While on the walk back to the apron, another DF builder came swarming in (get it)? in his van. He has a new project,to him, and is the forth owner. I did not get his name, and apologize for that, but the was enthusiastic.
Got back in the planes and headed for home. I to DEH and Paul to DVN, but we flew together until I had to let down. At 5500' it was spectacular! Just a great day to be alive and fly.
I am grateful for all the help I received while I was building and preparing to fly. I can only hope that my small contribution to Jon's skills are helpful to him.

Keep building, it only gets better.

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B 309 hrs
Luana, IA.

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