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If you wouldn't mind being seen with a Swift I would like to join you at KVPZ.  I have a good friend who has a hangar full of Howards at Valpo.  I fly down two or so times a year to visit him.  I'm thinking you might like to view his collection while there??  If so, I would fly the Swift down to Valpo and join you.
Tom Noyes

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Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 7:01 AM
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Paul, sure, how about a short Midwest Quickie/Tandem/canard x-country, and lunch time fly-in, in the next several weeks? KVPZ in Indiana or elsewhere? Weather permitting.
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Congratulations Sanjay!  Once you get comfortable, we should try to meet for lunch again.  I’m sure you could use a little cross country time!
- Paul
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Subject: [Q-LIST] Personal Q milestone!
Hi folks:
Last Sunday my Q crossed the first 100 hours of flying. The first flight was in summer of 2011.
For the 100th hour, I mounted a micro cam on the tail and shot a video that I have reduced to 12 minutes. The video is at
on the site. Video is neither HD, nor has music, just wind rushing past the camera. Also, being cold, the camera battery quit before landing. Just as well, since the landing was less than spectacular.
As a short update, I have been flying somewhat regularly, through most seasons, gradually working the bugs out of the airplane, and me. The Hobbs actually has about 120 hours on it. The non-flying hours were spent equally between taxi testing/training and ground running. Did not fly most of this summer (2013), when, suspecting I may have damaged the engine due to a several minute ground run without oil pressure, I had the engine rebuilt. I have 10 hours since engine rebuild. It sure is proving to be a fun and exciting airplane!

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