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Jeffrey Bevilacqua <jlbevila@...>

Hi Richard,
Can you advise me on the status of my Dragonfly gear I ordered some time ago.
Jeff Bevilacqua 805 807-0366. 

On Friday, November 15, 2013 4:38 AM, fastlittleairplanes wrote:

Hello All,

We are still here and still working to get the new Q kits into
production with a few minor changes for comfort. At this point we do
have a couple sets of molds made up but are looking at a different
airfoil for the canard for an easier build and so we can remove the
strainers. At this time progress has slowed for a couple reasons as
followed. 1) I am going though a divorce. This project of bring back the
Q's has taken a toll on my marriage that she feels is not fixable. 2) We
are moving the business to Anderson, South Carolina (KAND). This move
will be great once it's done, Anderson Regional Airport is looking
forward to us being there and just doing all they can to help. You just
have to love the southern hospitality. So with all that said keep an eye
on the QBA news letter from Dan at as we will keep him
informed as progress is made, and as before you can find us at under the kits and parts section.

Thank you,

Richard Kaczmarek

Fast Little Airplanes LLC
--- In Q-LIST@..., Armilite@... wrote:
> What is the status of the guys who were going to reproduce the
> Is that still an on going project, or did they go bust?
> Where are they out of?
> Do they have a Web page?
> Has any airframes been made yet?
> Also, does anyone know the current status of the Dragonfly Plans/Molds
> was sold over sea's to a guy in Africa, I think?
> Rich

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