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Q-talk 159 from earlier this year discusses the Waddelow canard in great detail.  You can find that online here:

There are links to the drawings (for free) from those articles.  Hope this helps.  Please let me know.

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That makes sense, my spar area look like a big rectangle, so I assume it is the Waddelow spar. Can someone provide me with the shorter span layup drawings?


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Marc Waddelow redesigned the layup schedule to make a canard for his Tri Q, and distributed the plans to others.  He also included a 240in schedule.  There are a number of flying examples, Bruce Crain's being the most famous at this time.  I have been happy with my Waddelow to date.  Please note the loads analysis was done for Tri-Q aero loads only--if you ever wanted to convert to taildragger, you'd need to re-evaluate. I'm  not aware of anyone who has used the Waddelow layup with the taildragger configuration.


My understanding is that one way to verify your canard is a sparless Waddelow is by inspecting the aft edge of the center section.  You will need to stick your head into that hole where you usually stick your legs, and it'll be about where your knees were.  The aft edge of the canard is flat in a Wadd elow, otherwise round due to the presence of a round spar.



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