Re: Oil consumption

Jim Patillo

Good evening Mike,

I bought my 0200A with about 2900 hours on it. Tore it down and rebuilt it, magnafluxed, zyglowed and yellow tagged everything. "Zero'd It".

I now have about 1250 hours on the engine  (upgraded to Superior Cylinders and 9.5:1 pistons @ 200 hours) and now have about the same blow by as yours.  I get about 42-45 lb. oil pressure on start up and use 15W50, never filling the sump more than 4.5 qts.on the stick, unless going on a long cross country. Compression averages 70's/80. I add Marvel Mystery Oil to the fuel and oil during every 50 hour oil/filter change.

I also installed a microwave baby bottle on a tube from the seperator to capture the blow by. It works well unless I forget to empty it. Then its belly cleaning time.

BTW, did you install the "Real Gasket" spring loaded push rod tubes. That helps as well.

Jim Q200 N46JP

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