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Robert Bounds

Hmmm.  I’ve never heard of one.  It would seem to be an ideal engine in a Q2.  I drive a Vari-eze and I’ve never seen one in one of those either.  I suspect that the price might have a lot to do with it.  The 0-200 works so darn well in the Q-200 and is cheaper than the Rotax that I can’t see a reason to change.  If you’ve got the bucks, maybe you could be the first with a Rotax.  You might consider a Jabiru or a UL engine also if you’re buying new.  There’s a guy in the UK flying a Long-eze with a small diesel that would be interesting.  So many choices now but if you have a Q-200, I’d go with the 0-200.  The installation is a known process and is a proven success.
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Hi. Are there any Q2/200's with the Rotax 912? Would one work?

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