Re: engines

Raymond Johnson

Hi All
  I have a UL260ISA under my bench that I hope to install into on my Q2.
As this engine is 107hp, air cooled, fuel injected and lighter than the old VW engine, I hope this may be a good engine choose for the Q.
Regards Ray.

Sent: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 5:04 AM
Subject: [Q-LIST] RE: engines

I am running a 912 in my Avid and they are nice engines.  I have a Jabiru 3300 in my Q-2 that works well also.  If you go with the 912 you will be pioneering and will have issues to solve but it would be a fun project.  As Bob Bounds said, the cheapest and easiest way to go is the O-200 but if you like challenges by all means go for it.



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