Re: Rudder pedal return springs

Jerry Marstall

I am curious as to what the feel is without the springs.  Does rudder sensitivity become a problem?   Is there any other purpose of the springs but to keep the rudder pedals from falling back towards the pilot?  Some of us have to use some rudder to fly straight.  In my case, I know the left spring has more tension than the right one which creates out of trim condition so I have to ride the right pedal.  Thinking of not using springs to neutralize that problem.  There certainly is no danger of the pedals falling towards me when I am in the plane.  My feet are against the firewall as it it.

On 12/30/2013 9:39 AM, Kevin Sheely wrote:


I am not flying yet but that is what I have done. I got them from aircraft spruce and attached them to large diameter washers with an edge bent over.


On Monday, December 30, 2013 9:11 AM, jnmarstall wrote:
Is there anyone flying out there without the return springs that attach
from the rudder pedals to the firewall?

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