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Jerry Marstall

Now is the time to pass Sam if you're going to.
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Awesome Jerry! I want some afterburners for my TriQ. Maybe I could keep up with Sammy then!

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Forgive me, I know this isn't Q stuff. But this is real flying which we don't get to see very often.

Air-to-Air Combat - without spilling your coffee

Air-to-Air Combat, F-15 style

.....whoever said that guys don't know how to multitask?
Oh, to be young and crazy again..... T.

Video was taken at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa.

Comment from a current duty fighter pilot: "This is without reservation the best video I have ever viewed about air-to-air combat. The producer and photographer were able to show perspective of the entire arena in a way I've never seen. When the pilot got into a scissors or Luffberry you can almost feel the g's!

When he says Gates he is going to max power with Afterburner.

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