Re: Q2 LSA legal?

Rick Hole

Registering the plane as LSA is a whole different question and does not apply to an experimental airplane (there is ELSA, but that covers only a homebuilt version of an LSA approved plane.  What we’d be talking about here is registering as Experimental (amateur/homebuilt) and then flying that plane under the Light Sport rule.  The aircraft can be registered under experimental or normal categories and flown under the light sport rule as long as the plane meets the light sport requirements for stall speed, Vh, gross weight limit, etc.


It’s a moot point for the Q2, it just ain’t going to make the stall speed minimum.

Rick Hole



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Good day!


I think it very unlikely to be able to classify/register a Q2 as LSA even at first glance.


LSA landing config stall limit is 45kts.

Q2 landing speed are nowhere near that.


That being said, there are many way smarter and more informed people on this list than me.   Maybe others will chime in with their positions/information.


Still, Q2s are at the top of the coolest planes list!


Have a good one!


Ed K

Phoenix, AZ

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  Can any one tell me can the Q2 be made LSA legal? And if so what has to be done?  I just have not been able to find any information on this.


 Fernando in Dearborn Mich

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