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Greg Z.

Hijacking this thread    Tri Q main landing bolts. I just talked to Jim Kisthard who has a TriQ 200 with over 1,000 hrs. 
He just noticed on his annual that one of the bolts holding the main gear onto the fuselage had sheared. This was an
original bolt that came with the Swing conversion in 1987. I visually check mine each annual but now am thinking I 
need to replace them. Mine are just as old and with about the same number of hours.  Greg Z Triq 200 89RZ

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Guess I'll have to repaint the bathroom wall.
On 3/12/2014 11:38 AM, Kevin Boddicker wrote:
My wife just informed me that I have a conflict on June 7th.
SOOOO how about May 30-31-June 1 for the Spring Fling?


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