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Patrick Panzera

Lets not forget that glider pilots have never had to get a physical, even as a commercial or CFI or even an FAA examiner. This includes self-launch gliders that have no weight limits, no limits on speed or number of occupants, and there are no restrictions on gliders flying at night or in IMC if properly equipped and the pilots are properly rated. 

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FYI, We have a chance to get rid of the FAA medical if you contact your representatives now!

You can go to:
To find an easy web based contact for your senators.

Here is what I sent mine:
Subject:  H.R. 3708 (Rokita) in the House and S. 2103

Dear Senator.  I'm writing you today to let you know that I support H.R. 3708 (Rokita) in the House and S. 2103 (Boozman) in the Senate.


These bills expand on the FAA’s successful sport pilot medical standard.

This measure will save pilots (myself) and the FAA money and time.


For 30 years I've had to take a FAA physical exam that was virtually useless.  If you could walk into the office on your own, you passed.  This exam is not covered by insurance and has tripled in price recently,  There is now a "Sport Pilot" class where pilots fly light airplanes without a FAA medical.  There has been no increase in the rate of medical incidents.


Please support these bills.


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PLEASE help general aviation and sign this EAA petition!!!
After that, share this email with everyone you know!

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