Quickie Q-2 Never Exceed speed

Jeff Sellars

Hello everyone, I am a new owner of a quickie Q-2 and it may be another few weeks until I fly my bird for the first time. 

I have two questions at the moment. 
Has anyone ever tested the true never exceed speed? In my opinion, by the looks of things, this bird can handle a much higher speed than 200 MPH before coming apart, or damage. I am a 20 year private pilot, A&P mechanic and studied planes my whole life, as well as, I built a few too. But I could be off with this one, so I wanted advice. When do I really need to start worrying as far as top speed, never exceed speed? 

The other question is: Tire size? I had a hard time finding replacement tires that are the same height as the ones that I took off of the plane, they were 13 inches tall, and 4.00 x 5, 4 ply. I did find tires that are 11 inches tall. Does anyone have any experience with the small tires? I did put the 11's on but they do look a bit small for grass. 

Jeff Sellars

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