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Mike Dwyer

Hi Jeff,
Each airplane gets it's own Vne.  I don't claim to be an expert but I understand you slowly increase your speed and slap gently your control stick to see if any high frequency oscillations (flutter) in roll pitch or yaw occur.  Once you see some instability you pull the power fast before your control surfaces depart the aircraft.  Thus, this is not to be taken lightly.  I did my testing to 230 mph indicated and was wearing a parachute.  I then set my Vne at 210 mph indicated.  When the control surface hinge points wear and get sloppy the risk of a lower flutter speed is possible.  Please understand that the Q200 has mass balanced ailerons and elevators.  I don't think the Q2 did so it's probably not capable of those speeds.  You may look at yours for a big hunk of lead on an arm on the elevators and an arm with a bunch of washers on the ailerons.  Also the elevator control system is different from a Q2 to a Q200 and this could have an impact.  One scary thing about a Q2/200 is from 180 to 230 there is not much sound difference, it does 230 real easy with power on and the nose down!  This is why no one to my knowledge has ever done a loop in a Q.  Going down it gains speed lightning fast!

Tires.  I'm still running the Cheng Shin 4.00-5 (small option tires) as originally from the kit.  The Black tires appear to be essentially unavailable.  There are grey tires from that Mobility place for around $27 but they are a bit narrower and the rubber softer (not sure how they will wear).  The mobility source now seems not to be able to get Cheng Shins and gets "Primo Diamond" which are the same size as the Grey Cheng Shins but with even softer rubber.  This year I put on a set of the Black Cheng Shins and had the sidewall totally crack up in a short period of time.  I suspect the black ones haven't been made for a while and are getting old.  I haven't run any grey ones as I'm on my last set of Black Cheng Shins.

Grass.   I've been on 3 different grass fields.  I now stay away from grass.  Those fields change too fast, a gopher digs a hole, fire ants mounds, manure spreaders fertilize them (what a mess I made to an Aeronca that day).  It's just not worth the risk with a plane that lands at 70mph.  If the airport facility directory says the runway is paved but "poor" I stay away also.  I've landed on some awfull runways and it is scary.  No more of that.

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On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 12:27 AM, <kitfoxjeff@...> wrote:

Hello everyone, I am a new owner of a quickie Q-2 and it may be another few weeks until I fly my bird for the first time. 

I have two questions at the moment. 
Has anyone ever tested the true never exceed speed? In my opinion, by the looks of things, this bird can handle a much higher speed than 200 MPH before coming apart, or damage. I am a 20 year private pilot, A&P mechanic and studied planes my whole life, as well as, I built a few too. But I could be off with this one, so I wanted advice. When do I really need to start worrying as far as top speed, never exceed speed? 

The other question is: Tire size? I had a hard time finding replacement tires that are the same height as the ones that I took off of the plane, they were 13 inches tall, and 4.00 x 5, 4 ply. I did find tires that are 11 inches tall. Does anyone have any experience with the small tires? I did put the 11's on but they do look a bit small for grass. 

Jeff Sellars

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