Re: Quickie Q-2 Never Exceed speed

Jeff Sellars

Thanks for all of the great info, it sure is apreciated. I have seen photos of your Q, looks great. 

My bird has the lead weights, the left hand brake controls, the LS-1 canard, flip forward canopy, and for some reason, the outer skin appears to be in carbon fiber? I do not know why, or how thick the carbon fiber is, or how that benefits me. Listed weight empty is 665. 

I will be messing with a few things for the next few weeks, then I plan on getting some ground time in on the thing. 

My questions about speed are because, it never seems to be enough. I like the thought of up grading my engine to the newer rev master 85HP 2300, but only if I can achieve some pretty great speed gains. So, how fast can I get this plane to fly strait and level, and how much power will it take to do that. Also, is it worth it to do a turbo? I guess only if I plan on going high a lot? And I do not right now, no heat.

I have not been able to reach the original owner/builder so there are a lot of questions left unanswered with this one. 

PS. does anyone know where I can get a cover that is made for this plane? possible to cover the cockpit area? And hole out the rain and sun. 

Can an additional oil cooler be installed inside of the cockpit with a small electric fan to be used as cabin heat? 

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