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Jeff Sellars

Hello, and thanks for your info. I just installed those tires as well, the old ones that came off were 13 inches high. I see a big difference in ground clearance, but I can try to stay on pavement, and see how it goes for a while. 

I got the plane from an in between guy who was scared of doing anything with it, so it just sat for a few years. I have not yet been able to reach the builder,. 
looks like he did a fine job, real clean lines everywhere, or should aI say no line any where. 
Weighted flight controls, everything oiled and balanced, smooth, LS-1 canard,forward tilt hatch, hand brake levers, the plane appears to be built with carbon fiber, at least the outer skins. I'm not sure. I am really excited.

No orientation, but I now have about 300 hours into reading about the plane, everything on the net and in books, and I have seen every video out there. 

I do plan on getting to know the plane for about ten hours at least on the ground before atemption to hop her. 

I was told that it has 40 hours on it, how ever, the clock says 0, and the year built was 1999. 
No logs yet, still waiting to get the books from the seller. 

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Hi Jeff - welcome to our world.  I have seen 220 TAS once or twice.  I race mine and my straight and level top speed is 210 mph.

I use these tires, 8 ply.
I have less than 2" clearance between the bottom of the wheel and and the pavement, but then, that's how I intentionally set it up for racing.

Now some more questions for you.
Where are you located? Did you get any orientation rides? Where did you get this aircraft?  Who built it? What engine does it have? How much time on the aircraft?
Has it flown off of grass before?  I avoid it.

Again, welcome in.

Sam Hoskins - Q-200
Murphysboro, IL

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