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Jerry Marstall

Having flown the Tri-Q2 Revmaster 2100 for 300 hours, I would not dream of taking two 250lb'ers (assuming you can both get into it).  I don't know what density altitudes you see where you are, but it had better be near sea level.  The Revmaster may be fine for small people, undergross weight.  I now have a Tri-Q200 with a pumped up O-200  with another 300 hrs and I am still not comfortable at gross weight.  If you are going to pursue this, (hopefully not) please get comfortable solo, then load the right seat with 250lbs + of sand bags.  Don't experiment with your buddies.  The ultimate solution is a different airplane or fly it solo only.  Also, heed Mike Dwyer's comment.
On 3/26/2014 8:45 AM, Mike Dwyer wrote:


So two 250lb guys can fit in?  Going to be a tight fit. 

I think one danger is the canard stress in a hard landing or taxiing and hit a bump.  The canard sees the equivalent of 4Gs when sitting in the ground.  A bump on taxi could double that.

Load a Cessna to gross and lift it by the wing tips.  You will break the wing.

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Can someone help shed some light on this question? 

How heavy can a Q-2 fly with the LS-1 wing? I have heard 1100 gross, but has anyone gone over that? How much over? 

Is the quickie like many other planes, where as you would just keep your speeds a little higher and let's say another 100 lbs would be ok?

I ask because I weight 250 and most of my friends are around the same weight. My plane is 665 Empty. 

I have a revmaster 2100 stock. 

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