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As I get older I have started to examine the things we humans say and do more closely.
“He is a nice guy” or “He is a fine fellow” What do those statements mean, exactly?
What does “nice” or “fine” exactly mean to us in the real world? And what does it have to do (or not) with a fatal aircraft accident?
Here’s another one: “Be safe.” How does one “Be safe” exactly?
Martha King (King Schools) in a recent aviation article examines this saying. She suggests that “Safe” is really a pretty
nebulous term and that we pilots would give more airworthy advice if we said “Manage your risk.”
This recent email about Brinkerhuff brings this to my mind. Yes he was a “fine” guy… but he didn’t manage his risk well.
Don’t be arrogant, don’t be narcissistic when a sensible person points to something risky with your aircraft or technique. Cross
handed use of throttle and stick fits in the same risk category as the guy who dismissed the use of his shoulder belts on first flight,
lost it on the takeoff roll, then piled his Q2 into a Volkswagen bus killing himself. I’m sure a number of people attending
the funerals grieved the loss of a “fine” man.
(And, of course, from time to time in the nightly news we hear of neighbors describing a “nice” guy who has been discovered
with four corpses buried in his back yard… or some such. We don’t really know about “nice”)

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Having flown the Tri-Q2 Revmaster 2100 for 300 hours, I would not dream of taking two 250lb'ers (assuming you can both get into it).  I don't know what density altitudes you see where you are, but it had better be near sea level.  The Revmaster may be fine for small people, undergross weight.  I now have a Tri-Q200 with a pumped up O-200  with another 300 hrs and I am still not comfortable at gross weight.  If you are going to pursue this, (hopefully not) please get comfortable solo, then load the right seat with 250lbs + of sand bags.  Don't experiment with your buddies.  The ultimate solution is a different airplane or fly it solo only.  Also, heed Mike Dwyer's comment.
On 3/26/2014 8:45 AM, Mike Dwyer wrote:
So two 250lb guys can fit in?  Going to be a tight fit. 
I think one danger is the canard stress in a hard landing or taxiing and hit a bump.  The canard sees the equivalent of 4Gs when sitting in the ground.  A bump on taxi could double that.
Load a Cessna to gross and lift it by the wing tips.  You will break the wing.
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On Mar 26, 2014 7:58 AM, <kitfoxjeff@...> wrote:
Can someone help shed some light on this question? 

How heavy can a Q-2 fly with the LS-1 wing? I have heard 1100 gross, but has anyone gone over that? How much over? 

Is the quickie like many other planes, where as you would just keep your speeds a little higher and let's say another 100 lbs would be ok?

I ask because I weight 250 and most of my friends are around the same weight. My plane is 665 Empty. 

I have a revmaster 2100 stock. 

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