Re: Tuft'n n Oilin

Dave King <KingDWS@...>

Hi Bob

I will try to do some more tuft testing this weekend. To get at the
areas you suggest, I'll need to find a fast chase plane with a place for
a camera operator. There are a couple of RV4's here that come to mind if
they are available. One in particular is Barry Weber's. He's a former
Q200 owner and interested in going fast. He is a skilled formation pilot
That will sure help, a couple of those spots can't be seen clearly from

There are three places, one is the intersection inboard of where the wheel
pant on the canard intersects the canard. I'm interested in the flow pattern
past 50% chord on both surfaces.
By both surfaces, do you mean top and mottom, or top of wheel pant and
top of canard next to it?
Nope. The bottom of the canard surface, and the inside face of the
If you look at the image on the area marked A it shows about where to

I was already planning trying to get the canard/fuse junction top
surface in the rear 50% of the chord. That is an area the Gary Hertzler
spotted as probably pretty draggy.
I think the wing intersection on the bottom might prove to be another
and especially so on Q2's due to body shape around the intersection. On
the top
of the canard you would be looking for the flow-in pattern.

So I assume you want to look at the base of the vertical stabilizer?
Yup. I don't think this is a major area but the fuse shape might cause
some changes in airflow due to its round shape. So this is a "just
area ;-].

I'm not sure if any of these areas actually will be areas that could be
improved on. I think perhaps the wheelpant area is the biggest


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