Re: I think one danger is the canard stress

Rich Gillen

Most of these CAD/CAM Programs like Soildworks/Inventor/etc., have all the different modules built in today, or you can add them. Alibre, was like $100-$150, I think they renamed it Geomagic, said it does every thing Solidworks can do.
The 2 part epoxy Plastic is very light weight, like the Blue Foam, but much Stronger, floats, gas does not affect it, you can cast in hard points. You can sand, machine, drill, paint, it. It can also be dyed different colors.


Re: I think one danger is the canard stress

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By CAD, I assume you mean FEA, which is good for isotropic materials but isn't the greatest for composite structures. There are some other computer-based analysis approaches that are more appropriate for composite structures like our wings, (see Marc Waddelow analysis for a starting point if you are interested in this). I'm not familiar with the liquid epoxy plastic so someone else will have to comment on that, but I'd expect it to be heavier than the foam.

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