Landing Q2/200--Dragonfly

Reg Clarke <airryder@...>

I land with reflexer (aileron ) in trail +- 1 degree.
15" manifold pressure or just little power or zero thrust. ((Ground adjust prop)
I can land wheels first but Tricky, tricky, tricky. If land tail first the mains want to slam down on runway, to help if add burst power very quick it will settle down on runway but also Tricky. (Remember for experienced pilots)
NORMAL and best for my airplane is three point, over the threshold (fence) at 80 knots 15"MP, fly it down to within 6" of runway pull power off and hold it off as long as possible ( try not to land) until it settles on runway about 72knots and it's a three point landing.
NOTE. Remember if bounce or ETC not what you want > go around and do it again, we all need the practice anyway. *****

Some one was asking about difference (Dragonfly , Q2,s/200). On landing
Very much the same, Dragonfly speeds about 10 knots slower over threshold 70 instead of 80 knots.
Dragonfly much more rudder authority, heavier ailerons light elevator.
Dragonfly maybe a little easer to land wheel landing firstly
Q,s ailerons, elevator nice and light and same pressure on stick

PS my flying experience, and opinion only.....

Best regards and cheers. Reg Clarke N624JC

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