Laughlin Trip

Jim Patillo

Hello everyone,
I would like to congratulate Tom Hall on his first successful cross country in the US, to our get together in Laughlin, NV.  this past weekend. Tom you have a very nice Dragonfly and the added effort you put into your plane to get it to this point does not go unnoticed, even when sitting close to all those Black Hawk helos.

As far as I can tell, we all had a real good time, so it looks like we may start up another Fly In there, next year in April. I talked with the General Manager at Landmark Aviation and they are more than happy to host the event. This weekend they were hosting a Mooney event.

Instead of a Tandem Wing Fly In,  maybe we  we just open it up to all our aviation friends on the west coast and beyond. Having a place for the ladies to get together is a definite plus and gives us more time for hangar talk! 
Jim Patillo N46JP - Q200
Almost 50 years as a pilot in command and still lovin' it!

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