Revmaster 2100 Exhaust

Jeff Sellars

I ordered a new stainless steel exhaust from Revmaster. When I bought the plane two months ago, there was no exhaust on the plane. 
They tell me that the exhaust will exit the plane on the left rear side of the cowl. I can see on the cowl that the last user of this bird sealed up that old hole. The body work is not yet painted. 
So I asked Revmaster if they could custom build me an exhaust that would exit strait down and back at the rear of the cowling where there is already a lump in the cowl for the exit of cooling air. 
Any input on this? Am I correct for trying to save a small amount of drag that may be caused from the exhaust exiting the left side of the cowl? Would it work out for me to have the exhaust exit the cooling air exit hole? 
Am I wrong for trying to re-invent the wheel here? I also think it would look nicer of that would possibly work. 

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