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In my humble opinion I think there are WAAAAY too many guys who know how to design airplanes (or anything) far, far better than the
guys who ACTUALLY design and PRODUCE airplanes (and products) that a multitude of others can enjoy. I base this opinion on a head 
of gray hair, 35+ times at Oshkosh where I have heard thousands of conversations on how every plane on the field could be designed
better. This is all just a flapping of egocentric gums until you can PRODUCE the data, ENGINEER the solution and DRAW UP the plans
for distribution. Meanwhile I guess I should just sit on my hiney, stall my project for another five years (while somebody re-engineers a fix), and maybe get a 
divorce, change/lose jobs, move (etc) and sell my dream project on the cheap to somebody who doesn't know better.

I loveya (still) Charlie but we humans are as imperfect as the planes people design for us to fly. Statistics, so far, show that you can't
design out pilot error (or as a builder). Another unhappy truth, though, is that in order to have pilot error you must have first had the joy of flying.


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In my humble opinion, I think the LS1 structure is a complete mess. Canards are not meant to do off runway excursions, way over design loads with the tip gear reacting to the terrain.

I have seen a couple of off runway results for aluminum planes and they do not fare well either.

Fix the steering!


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Re "Ls1 Canard with the stronger spar style wing" - who says the Ls1 is stronger?

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