Re: Runway excursion - canard bent

Calvin Thorne

Hi guys,

Thank you for the replies to my hit the ditch episode, the ditch was deep enough and the stop was immediate to the left tip of canard.  Damage was unavoidable.  I am reading all of your notes with a keen interest and will be following up with some questions to your points.


I don’t know the particulars on the LS1 and just thought it was the proper progressive step in replacement.  Am I wrong on this point?  Maybe I should be building the standard canard again.  I also thought if it had the LS1, the power plant could be upgraded later if required and the plane could be built as a trike.  What might be my options?


My questions on the tail wheel steering and cables will follow and I will send some p-mails to individuals to keep the list uncluttered.  This is very important to me and was the focus of my previous taxi testing.

Clarification:  1700 hours on aircraft, wheel alignment done, separate cables to t-wheel and rudder, springs on t-wheel cable inside t-cone.

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