Jim Patillo

Fellow aviators,

I was at two Fly In's this weekend, one at Calaveras County and the other at Dream Machines in Half Moon Bay, CA and am sorry to report a fatal accident.

I arrived non eventful at 9:30 AM in marginal IFR conditions at KHMB on the Oceans edge about 30 miles south of San Francisco. We were showing my plane at Dream Machines this Sunday when a Blue and White Cessna T210 pulled in around 12:00 PM and parked. I didn't really pay to much attention to the pilot because it was a spam can. There were several WWII planes around including a Sea Fury that participates locally
and about 9 billion beautifully restored and new muscle cars.  

I left around 2:30 and headed back to Livermore. About 4:30 PM, I heard over the radio the two planes were flying back home when the Sea Fury and the 210 collided flying in formation over San Pablo Bay. Apparently the Sea Fury came up from behind and tore the 210 wing off. The 210 spiraled into the bay and was found yesterday, pilot didn't make it. The Sea Fury made back to its home base in Norther California with minimal damage.

P.S. Another nice looking Q2 showed up that I had never seen before and I thought I knew most of themon the west coast, go figure. The tail number is N124AT. Anybody know that plane? 

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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