Re: 800tt .25smoh

Jerry Marstall

On 7/1/2014 10:06 AM, Dave Dugas davedq2@... [Q-LIST] wrote:

Q2N68DD finally flew again last evening, after 1 year and 21 days since her last flight. It flew great and ran smooth. The revised baffling seemed to improve my CHT by about 40 degrees. Oil temp steady at 195 degrees, CHT 130 degrees at cruise. I have to troubleshoot a couple of issues....source of a small oil leak, and oil pressure lower than I am used to seeing. At cruise it was about 30 - 35 idle 5 - 10 psi after it was hot. The oil pressure was the reason for the abbreviated flight. I think there may be an adjustment that can be made to correct the oil pressure, and I'll be checking with Revmaster for more information.
Save room for lobster.....DaveD

Congratulations Dave,  Good to know you are airborne again.  Packing for MA.

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