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Mike,  Very helpful.  Thanks much.  Dave P

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Hello Dave:
From the Quickie POH:

Bore: 3.25”
Stroke: 2.875”
Displacement: 47.7 Cu. in.
Horsepower: 18 h.p. at 3600 rpm
Oil Capacity: 2 Quarts with filter change
CAUTION: Overfilling the crankcase with oil may result in
engine overheating.
Oil API service designation: SE or SE/CC
Oil grade: Below 32°F(0°C), SAE 5W30
Above 32°F(0°C),SAE 20W50
Compression Ratio: 6.6:1
I don't see the Prop specs

I looked through the POH, I don't see the L/D ratio.  The POH does state this:
With the engine off and the propeller windmilling, the Quickie has a glide ratio of approximately 13 to 1 at 75 IAS. This means for each 5000 feet of altitude, the Quickie will glide 12.3 statute miles in 0 wind.

The Quickie POH was posted as a pdf by Dave King, downloadable from the files section of Q-List.

Mike Perry

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Also, what is max RPM on the Onan per POH?  If memory serves it's probably about 2400 RPM but if you could check the POH for me that would be great.


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Hi all,

I'm at AirVenture and need to get my hands on an L/D graph for a typical Quickie airplane. I don't recall this info being in the POH but I did not bring mine along so cannot check. If this design info is not in POH does anyone know if QAC ever made such info available in some way? Also, what was the typical prop size on the original 18 hp Onan, and also on some of the typical 2-cycle engines of higher HP that some of our builders installed? Any info you could easily provide me ASAP would be greatly appreciated.


Dave Peterson

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