Re: Catto Prop - Heads UP

Jerry Marstall

Mine is fine.  Jerry

On Aug 8, 2014 8:21 PM, "logistics_engineering@... [Q-LIST]" <Q-LIST@...> wrote:

Completed prop inspection today on N46JP for possible cracks in bore/shaft hole of prop. NONE FOUND. Safe for flight.

My last email discussed Mark Summers (South Lake Tahoe) finding two small cracks running fore and aft in the bore on both sides of his 60/72 Catto with about 500 hours on it. You may want to check yours.

My Details:

60/72 Catto 2-blade prop w/leading edge protection.
1000 hrs. + on the prop 
0200A with 9.4:1 Pistons
Hangared at Livermore, CA 
Temperature variation  95-40F 
Low Humidity


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