Re: 2014 Field of Dreams Fly-In

Jay Scheevel

Hi Dave,I have booked airline tickets to Hartford, and will rent a car and drive to Orange. I also booked a room from Thursday night, so I will be on hand to help you set things up on Friday if you need help.

On a related note: I have been talking to a few people off-line most of this year about the full aerodynamic computer modeling of the Q-200 (LS-1 canard) that I have been working on for a few years. This is a  quantitative modeling analysis that I had intended to finish earlier this year and get it out to a few people for review before distributing it widely.  But my timing has slipped, and this delay may present an opportunity to show the study, or at least the meat of it at the FOD, if you have not already booked something technical. I think people there would be quite interested in the findings and they could provide real time feedback for me. If you would like, I can put together a powerpoint with the salient findings and be prepared to present it. I would only need a fairly good digital projector that could hook to my computer (standard VGA) and a screen or white wall.

Let me know if this would appeal to you and if you say yes, how much time you think would be appropriate.

I am looking forward to the FOD, but I could not talk my wife into coming, even with the Yankee Candles enticement, but I will keep working on her for subsequent years.

Jay Scheevel , Tri-Q, still building

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