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Jerry Marstall

On 8/28/2014 2:27 PM, Jon Matcho jmatcho@... [Q-LIST] wrote:


 I got 299.6 hours out of three sets of heads and a busted block on my Revmaster.  I am not sure if  "done right" is enough.    I found that I have  a much better and more reliable (not even to mention much faster) aircraft with an O-200 engine.  I can actually fly it more hours than I spend working on the engine.  I lost several years of flying time working on the VW between flights.


This is my first post here... I am considering switching my project from a Cozy Mark IV to a Quickie Q2 and would like to know, from those that have flown it, how well the Revmaster 2100D 65hp engine suits the plane.  I have never been a fan of auto conversions, but researching the Quickie/VW history and other VW conversions I am nearly convinced they're capable and safe when done right. 




1) Are these specs for the Q2 accurate?


2) Is it wise/worth it/reasonable/smart/stupid to restore an old zero-to-low time Revmaster engine into flightworthy condition?  Will it deliver 65hp?


3) Will this engine power the Q2 well enough with only a standard-sized pilot in the plane?  With a passenger?


I am considering attending the Field of Dreams fly-in in September.  Any feedback before then is most welcome.


Thank you,

Jon Matcho

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