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Paul Buckley

Oops! Thanks Sam, just as well someone is on the ball! :-)

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Paul - Elevators, not ailerons.

But of course, you knew that.


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Are the ailerons finished?

If they are, and the underside of them are concave, then you have an LS1
If they are flat it is a GU canard.

The two canards are completely different structures ......... if you want
the LS1 you have to have the spars and you cannot modify the GU.
However, if you plan on building a TriQ then you can dispense with the
spars, but this is *only* for the tricycle gear Q.
It is called the 'Waddelow' canard, and is an LS1 aerofoil just the same
but without the spars because it is not subject to landing loads.


Paul B, Cheshire, England

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Ray Johnson wrote:

...I'm building a Q2 with the carbon spars (LS1).

The project I am buying has the canard already complete. If it's the GU
canard I plan on rebuilding. If it's the LS1, do the plans call for carbon
or is this a modification? I've seen the carbon spar available for sale at


Jon Matcho

Imminent Q2 builder

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