Re: Anything else on a $12,500 budget?

Rick Caldwell

Please let me interrupt with a question.

I was looking at a Suburu 40 Hp air cooled industrial twin and was wondering if anyone had looked at them ?

Rick Caldwell

Wyoming Long-EZ builder


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Ok, lets talk Revmaster 2300. Looks like 85hp for $8000. I didn't see what the TBO was for it?


What is the highest TBO of any Revmaster 2300 flying, that you have found in your research? How many have you found, that are really flying?


I believe a guy called John Finley, spent about 20 years, trying to make a Subaru work in a Q2, before he gave up. I wonder how many hours, and $$$, he spent?


For $8000, I would rebuild a used O-200 core engine, and have a 100hp+ engine, or buy the parts New/Used off ebay/Barnstormers to assemble one, maybe even cheaper. Here is a parts manual with all part numbers.


Some New O-200 parts with prices. Make a Spreadsheet with all the Part numbers, with a New Prices column, and what you find on ebay, Barnstormers column. I bet if you look real hard, you can come in less than $8000.


For example: You can buy a O-200 Cam off ebay(I paid $29 for mine), send it to a CAM Grinder, and have it touched up, or reground with a new profile. I have seen used O-200 Case's go for $250-$400 on ebay.


Remember, it's for an Experimental Airplane, it doesn't have to be Certified also. Building any of these engines, isn't Rocket Science! There are books, videos, etc., to learn how, and what to do.


You say, "That CAD drawing is beautiful, but would you trust the author's accuracy? Call it a C-X90. " Yes, I would, he is a Russian Engineering Student. That model was for his finals. But before spending any $$$ making anything, I would always double check the part to be made. If you make it, you can call it what you want. When a New O-200 Cam is like $800+, a Crank $3500, Complete Cylinders $800+ each, etc. Buying some New NOS, or good used parts, is appealing.


Just My Opinion



Fri Aug 29, 2014 3:27 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Jon Matcho" jmatcho

Rich wrote:

>{a virtual book on Skidoo-Rotax conversions}

Interesting stuff. I'll marvel at everyone else who does these. My uncle flies a Rotax in his Kolb III ultralight. I understand a benefit is that, in the event of a prop strike, the reduction box takes the brunt of the impact and is a $2,000 part and minor service job.

My take is that the Revmaster 2300 is a solid engine, with all the original 2100 bugs worked out and with new improvements. Of course it has less than 100hp, and may not be the absolute best engine for the Q2, but if I a brand new Revmaster 2300 showed up at my doorstep I would run with it.

I've done a fair amount of research and had quite the bit of information coming to me on and off list. Summary points are:

* The 2100 series, as originally shipped with the Q2, had issues (and possibly still does, even with the improvements). That, paired with its sub-100hp seems to be the source of a myth or two out there regarding Quickies in general.

* It may not be worth spending any money on the 2100.

* Nobody has bashed the Revmaster 2300 engine, in this list, in personal email, or on Internet forums as far as I can tell. Even the Sonex lists, where the AeroVee is standard, the Revmaster 2300 is somewhat revered.

This article shows some of the engineering involved at Revmaster:

I do want to take part in the building and maintenance of an engine, but not so much the engineering itself.

That CAD drawing is beautiful, but would you trust the author's accuracy? Call it a C-X90 ;-)

Thank you!

Jon Matcho


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