Re: Progress report - Two sets forward, big steps backwards.

Rick Hole

Bruce, what are you using for ignition wires? Are they shielded?  I would suspect the wires before the magneto.  If you cannot have shielded wires, possibly resistor ignition wire and resistor plugs could help the noise.


The easiest way to determine if it is alternator noise is to simple turn off the field connection.  The alternator goes dead and cannot generate any noise at all.  So if noise starts and stops with field on and off, you have an alternator noise issue.  If it stays the same it is likely to be ignition.  You might learn something by comparing noise with right or left mag only.

Rick Hole


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The noise has gradually gotten worse.  I thought it was my old Valcom radio but I was wrong.  The new Garmin is still noisy.  So I have pulled the mag today to send it in for a check out and hopefully it will be the capacitor or points or something.  If the mag has nothing wrong with it I will pull the B and C alternator to have it checked out.

The radio works great until I fire  up the engine.  Then it gets "Scratchy" according to tower and 2 ship with my hanger mate.  In the past year I have reworked all of the grounds (pulled them all to the grounding buss by the battery).  Reworked the ground to the engine and firewall.  Periodically I have heard an arcing fazing noise in my headsets but it was intermittent.  I have tried pulling  breakers to isolate the cause but the radio still puts out noise.  I get a slight improvement when I turn off the mag but the noise is still there.  

With all that said it seems to be pointing to the mag.  I hope to get the mag back next weekend so I can remount the engine and test it.  Working long hours to try and make it to ORE. 

Will let  you know how it works out.


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Is this radio noise new, or have you changed something? What's the background on the problem?


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Sorry Sam,

It's no fun to take those steps backward. 

I am  fighting radio noise with transmission and receiving.  I am pulling the engine this weekend to have the mag "gone through" and also line the mag box with stainless foil shielding to perhaps help get rid of some of the radio noise.  I am working to make it to ORE the last of Sept.  I offered the right seat to Imraan so hopefully this problem will be gone by then.


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Murphy's Law again.






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