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Rich Gillen

Your correct. I didn't even see a TBO, let alone a Projected TBO for that R-2300 engine. Till you have some of them engines, actually making 500, 1000, 1500, 2000hrs, you don't really have any idea, what your getting for that $8000. Joe, and the other Manufactures/Builders can say what they want, I like to see the facts, which are Flying Hrs. Just like Hirth's claim of a 1000hr TBO at 75% power on all of their engines. Show me (1) Hirth engine, that has made that 1000hr TBO mark. At least the O-200, was Certified to establish that 2000hr TBO for your $22,000 New, investment.
What's the highest Flying hr:
Subaru = ????hr Probably John Finley
Corvair =
Mazda =
VW =
Jabaru =
Rotax 912 =
Rotax 582UL = I have seen 1300hrs and still flying. Both use lower max rpms. The 582UL guy takes off at Max 5500rpms. New 582UL motors are around $5534 today from Lockwood.
Rotax 503UL = I have seen 1300hrs and still flying.
A guy e-mailed off list, he has 500hrs on his Subaru EA81 with a Turbo, using it in direct drive configuration on a Dragonfly. Didn't say what HP he was making at them Direct Drive RPMS. I would guess 55-60hp at those low Direct Drive rpms with a Turbo. His engine cost him to build $3000. Even at 2000hr/500hr = 4, $3000x4= $12,000 he is ahead of the $$$ game. $22,000 new vs $12,000 used/rebuilt. But you also have to factor in all your down time doing those rebuilds.
Charlie, there is a lot of NEW, NOS(New Old Stock), parts on ebay, and Barnstormers, etc. The Big Expensive parts like the Case, Crank, CAM, etc., can all be rebuilt. Most of the high wear parts will be all replaced with new parts. If the used parts make spec., they can be reused. Since it's for an Experimental, you can use aftermarket parts also. That PDF I gave a link to, gave a list of every part to O Time a O-200.
On Barnstormers right now.
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For $8000 for a R-2300 80hp, with an unknown TBO History, I still stand by, that a O-200(100hp) built from scratch ebay, Barnstormer parts, or a core engine, would be much better. But that R-2300 did look pretty!
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If you have the time to collect the parts, you can save a lot of money, to build a O-200!
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Re: Anything else on a $12,500 budget?

Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:18 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"Charlie" one1skydog


Projected TBO numbers are useless the R-2300 was engineered and tested extensively by Revmaster. Give Joe a call and talk to him and he will tell you how they developed the engine.

Rebuilding a runout O-200 with EBay parts will not get you an engine that will make projected TBO.


Charlie Johnson
Ogden, UT


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