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Mike, I dunno why you feel you took a hit for an innocent question (or why I should feel I took a hit for downplaying freedom of speech which I don't), I'm just answering your question. I think I have been involved in exp aviation longer than you and have seen much more than you have. Maybe not, But if it is hard to sue the builder or pilot what do you think brought an end to Quickie Aircraft Corp? I was around back then. I have even heard that legal irritation played some kind of role in moving Rutan Aircraft Factory out of the homebuilt arena but that is probably speculation.

If you are ignorant of the engineering there are engineers who are not and you could engage one for a fee, do the testing then be the big gorilla in the Q spar world (like Thayer was trying to do). It's not a problem.

I'm not suggesting you are one of these guys, but after 35 times at Oshkosh keeping my ears open I have always found a class of humans who want somebody else to design something  for them FOR FREE and to their specs then hold their hand thru construction or installation. And then I have a friend who gets to yakking about a pet idea gets many other guys chasing their tails in free speech but has not yet bent metal, cut foam or mixed a cup of epoxy. Yas it's their free speech but using my free speech that's a big fat waste of energy in most cases. You can't accomplish anything by just yakking about your dreams. I agree it is fun to do however.... but not for everybody.

Spar-wise I DID consider the possibility of a different spar and I even decided how I would do it and test it but then I got 3 tubular spars from an abandoned kit. I don't blabber about it because I haven't cut foam yet.

There are at least 3 possible and doable alternate spar plans that have been considered and all of that I wrote up in back issues of QTALK. One,maybe 2 have been test flown by now. It's not likely anybody is going to hold your hand and show you exactly what to do.


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I agree with Mike. When I read this post, I thought, why not at least consider the possibility. That is, unless your legal system puts you in the far east, j.? Here in the US, I think we are still free for open discussion.
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Not sure what I did to deserve that one.  I have heard it is very hard to sue the builder or pilot of an Experimental -- which doesn't mean the lawyers don't try.

I admit to my ignorance of the engineering involved in designing a replacement spar, but I'm still wondering. 

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Has anyone thought of designing a spar
Why don't you design one??? You seem not to have a concern for our legal system.

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Has anyone thought of designing a spar that a home-builder could make for him/herself?  Perhaps an "I-beam" or box of carbon fiber?

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I suggested looking at as a source for the LS1 carbon spar.  I have since spoken with Richard Kaczmarek of Fast Little Airplanes and found that he had attempted to do the same, but their cost to him was more than he is offering now.  My take is that the spars from Fast Little Airplanes meet or exceed the specifications of the original LS1 spar. 
These spars are available today, just browse to and click 'Kit Hardware'.
Jon Matcho
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