Just an FYI for anyone using carbon fiber.


Carbon Fiber Cloth Special

Special offer
From now until September 30, save up to 28% on the Carbon Fiber cloths listed below! Just mention this newsletter when placing your order.

Product details
Our lightest carbon fiber cloths are manufactured by BGF with high-quality materials. Made exclusively from polyacrylonitrile precursors, these fabrics are suitable for all high-performance applications. 
  • Our 3K Plain Weave cloth (#404005) is commonly used by lightweight aerodynamic part manufacturers. It is easier to handle than the 2x2 Twill Weave cloth but is not as drapable. 
  • Our 2x2 Twill Weave cloth (#404015) features the "diagonal" look. It is more delicate than the Plain Weave cloth but drapes well.
More questions? 
For more information on these products, check out the web page, contact your technical representative, or call our Tech Line at (800) 321-8511 ext. 773.

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