Changes in E-mail on Q-List (contacting an individual)

Mike Perry

Hello Everyone:

About 2 weeks ago I accidentally sent a message to the whole list meant to go to an individual.  This post is a warning about avoiding that mistake and info on how to avoid it.

In the past I could "Right Click" the sender, choose "copy E-mail" or "Compose Message to" and send a private E-mail.  In early May Q-List changed; now the E-mail address contains both the senders address and the Q-List address -- and when I save to "drafts" only [Q-List] shows as the second address.  So I missed it -- easy to miss, in this case.  (My E-mail program is Thunderbird)

In summary: If you post to an individual on the list you need to check the address carefully before it goes out.  Q-List changed. 

Mike Perry


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