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Masal here. Mary and I hopped an 8am Southwest flight Monday morning for 3 hrs to Ft Lauderdale then found seats on a 2 hr to New Orleans then another hour to Dallas. We arrived about 3pm safe and sound but with less fun. For those who wonder my back was better but still hurting and I got in to see my usual chiropracter at 5pm. She REALLY thoroughly cracked my back and I'm sore but think this will finish the job started in Orange.

I have started an article about the Orange FOD on the planes so stand-by. The weekend was full of learning and camaraderie... and I am LObstered out!!!!!!!

Dave, you da man!  (and DiaNNa wit two N's...keep dat guy!)


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Now that I've recovered, I wanted to add my thanks to Dave and Diane for hosting the FOD this year.  What a great time!  I don't how the weather could have been any better!  We'll have to do it again next year!

For me it was just over 15 hours of flight time and about 1700NM round trip.  I didn't slow down like Jerry did, but I sure had fun anyway!

For those of you who missed it, I posted some pictures here:

(this might  be simpler:

If you weren't able to attend this year, you should put it on your calendar for next year!!

Paul A. Fisher
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Hi All
I'm tired, but still able to write a little about this gorgeous weekend. 
I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to FOD this year. After last year, I was excited to have a Quickie arrive at KORE on Wednesday, Jerry Marstall, followed by Sam Hoskins and Paul Fisher on Thursday, and Bruce Crain on Fri
In the near future I'll post our event, along with a few photos. Sam and Paul are both home, and Bruce Crain has gotten as far as he could today, and will finish the journey tomorrow. Haven't heard from Jerry Marstall yet.
I'm not sure if it's possible, but I hope everyone who attended had as much fun as I did. Thanks to all who came. 
Can't keep my eyes open for much longer....Dave D

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