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Mike Perry

I wonder if the long time at low power led to fouled plugs.  You were at low altitude where we usually run full rich, BUT:  "I flew at low power for the 30 minutes down the beach. . . got behind a Cessna on Downwind. . . dragged the Q200 in behind the Cessna at idle speed."

Perhaps you need to lean the engine at lower power settings even at low altitude. 


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Hi Guys,
Well this isn't my typical we had fun flight report.  But you gotta take the good with the bad.
Saturday we flew down to Venice FL for lunch.  An absolutely perfect day, 75F light winds, hardly a cloud in the sky, low humidity.  If every day in FL was like that we'd have a population of 100 Million in FL but because it's mostly scorching hot and 99% humidity when it's not raining with mosquito's that can carry away small children we only have 20 Million... anyway back to the flight report.

I flew at low power for the 30 minutes down the beach.  I was shooting 3D video, figured it would be fun to have the whole beach recorded.  We climbed into the pattern at Venice and got behind a Cessna on Downwind.  Those things are slow, surprised they can actually fly at that speed... So we dragged the Q200 in behind the Cessna at idle speed.  Landed.  Darn half the taxi ways are closed so we had to taxi a long long time to the restaurant.  Toward the end of the taxi the engine started missing.  Weird, it's never done that.  I got parked and powered up do do a mag check, both systems were running like crap.  Oh well, let's have lunch.

After lunch we fired her back up and the poor 0-200A was running like crap.  I thought I'd get away from the ramp and in the open somewhere and run some real power to it.  Wow it was banging, wheezing, acting like I was just turning the mag switches off and on.  Never did that in the 29 years I've been flying her.  I kinda wondered if I could make it back to the tie down ramp.

With no tools or parts we rented a car and drove home in shame.  A couple of buds at the home airport thought it might be bad gas, fowled plugs, stuck valve, intake issue,... 

So today (Sunday) I loaded the rental car with my 4 spare plugs, hoses, tubes, duct tape!, torque wrench... At Venice I checked everything over, looks good.  I drained the carb bowl, nice gas and good fuel flow, it's not gas.  I pulled the top plugs, #1 was soaked in oil, #3 was black as night, the other two just looked bad.  I put the new plugs in the top and the best from the top into the #1 bottom (oil soaked).  Then I figured I'd fire her up and see what happens.  Started great and ran great, just like it's supposed to.  So I figure I might as well go to full power and see what happens.  If I starts popping I'll abort the take off.  She climbed out great, took her to 4500 and headed home.  Not a miss, no issues.  A beautiful day with some clouds at 3000', just enough to make it pretty.

The Q200 is back in her hangar.  I think I'll pay a lot more attention to cleaning the plugs on a regular schedule.  I had no idea plugs could make it run so bad!  She's going to get a good looking over this week.

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