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Jeff Sellars

My q2 already has the LS1 canard. So i think im ok with an o 200 conversion

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It might be easier to convert to a triq than build a canard.

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I believe the plane in question is already built as a Q2.
Are you recommending that he change the engine and canard to Q200?

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The q2 can be built with either the GU or LS1.  I built mine with the LS1.  I believe the O200 requires the LS1.

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Can the Q2 handle the O-200?
I thought the canard had to be changed?


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Yes. It's not a cut and paste conversion to the O200. But worth it. 

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Thanks Jerry. I will seriously consider that. Is there any trimwork or modification of the cowling needed?

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Hello Jeff,
I am a former Revmaster flyer until the block cracked at 299.4 hrs over Bowling Green, KY.  Having now converted to the O-200, I can comfortably say that the Q200 is light years ahead in performance over the Revmaster and MUCH more reliable.  I know some people love their VW's ( I used to be one of those) but they will also tell you they spend a lot of time tinkering with valves and buying heads more often than desired.  Having been there and done that, if you want a reliable aircraft to "spend the rest of my life enjoying.." convert it to an O-200 before you fly it.


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So I still havent even brought my q-2 to an airport yet. The plane is stored 30 miles from my home. at my parents house so I really get time to see that Bird. Whenever I have a free moment I drive 70 miles the opposite direction spend time with my kid Fox 3 and Cessna 172.

That q-2 is such a beautiful plane,.. Everytime I see it, I must sit down for a while and just stare at it's beautiful lines.

The engine only have seven hours on it. But one head is cracked from Tining a head boat too much. I purchased the aircraft in this condition. I am ordering new heads later this month. I hope to get this bird in the Air sometime next year. And I hope to spend the rest of my life enjoying it.

I can't help but to feel a bit afraid of the Revmaster 2100. I wonder if somebody can give me the right words to comfort me. And assure me that it is a good motor and it will not fail.

I wish I could pay somebody a few bucks to go over this injury that is familiar with these. Before I actually fly her.

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