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Jeff Sellars

Thanks. I do worry about weight especially because i weight 240 dry. And all of my friends and potential passengers are around the same if not more.

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IMHO, the 120 hp Jab would get you there without much (if any) weight penalty, but there are cooling issues with the Jab 3300.

Otherwise getting that much power will cost you a lot of weight, or a lot of money as in the case of the Jab or UL engine. 

Even opting for the O-235 means a pretty hefty weight addition- as many as 70 pounds over the O-200, which is already heavier than the VW. 

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Hi Pat and everyone. Thanks for your input and all of the concerns on the private chats to.

I need to consider all option.

But if i end up doing a re-power, while spending all of that time and money, shouldn't I also see about getting the most bang for the buck in regards to power? HP? Perhaps more than just the 100 hp o200?

How well does the quickie do with a 120 hp in it?
I do have the LS1 canard and all of the upgrades. Balanced controls, sparrow strainers, ect.

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For what it's worth, the Jab cylinders are 4140 chro-mo steel (machined from billet), not made from aluminum. They are however painted silver so maybe that's how they might be mistaken for aluminum. But the rust should be a giveaway. 

The Corvair uses cast iron cylinders and an aluminum head, and like the Jab, doesn't use a head gasket either.


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My buddy runs a 3300 in his Arion Lightning.  He sets his cruise power to 5 GPH.  If you push the throttle all the way in he burns 12 GPH and doesn't go much faster.  I think the Bing(?) carbs are set to go crazy rich at full power.  I'm not a fan of that.  The engine has a head like a VW but each cyl has a head that you can pull off.  There is no head gasket, just an aluminum to aluminum fit - not a fan of that either.  If you pull off a head it's real tricky to get it back on without a leak.  With 150 hours on it he has already scored a piston on one cyl and had to send it off for rework.    

Data point of one but I feel the antique 0-200A is a much better engine.

Mike Q200 N3QP

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Hi Jeff,


If you decide to go to the O-200. I have the original QAC baffles (pre-cut) and the original QAC prop extension that you could probably talk me into selling, but not before I am convinced that you really need them. I think that Richard at FLAPS makes new cowls, but you would have to check with him on that. That would take care of most of your pre-made items for a conversion. New (oversized) mag box and extra bracing would be required and depending on clearances you may have to rework the header tank, which is not fun. After building the whole airplane (or at least getting close now after 30 years), the O-200 conversion sounds like a small project, but maybe I am just jaded. I can assure you that you have some great helpers in this group if you approach things carefully and take their advice to heart. By the way, I am installing a Jabiru J3300 which is why I don’t need the O-200 engine paraphernalia, but saying that usually evokes a few cat calls from the traditional Q-200 crowd, but puts me just shy of getting on Pat Panzera’s “good” list :-)



Jay Scheevel

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