Re: Revmaster 2100


The LS1 came about to correct the issues with the GU in flight the only reason we have found for the extra bracing was due to the was the LS1 was built but do have one of the last GU's I think because it does have the same bracing as the LS1 and not like my older GU. Hey Dave I looked at the place in FL but at a cost of $1500 I don't think it would be worth it since the engine by VW standards is at TBO. Cost wise best route for me would be send everything to Revmaster and let Joe rebuild the engine and convert it to electronic ignition like the new ones he offers. Cost wise I would be looking at around $5000 per Joe. I still really want to see what the Q could do with a 107 hp at less weight then the VW. I would love to do the 130 hp.

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