Re: Revmaster 2100

Allan Farr

Hi. I thought that they changed from GU to LS1 due to contamination issues not because of lack of strength. The LS1 requires the carbon spar only because it is too thin to be strong enough without it - unlike the fat GU;) Anyway that's what I thought - could be wrong?

That's twice now that I read a 0-200A can be used with a GU canard.  I do not think this is true.  If I'm wrong I'd like to see the stress analysis study that shows such a heavy engine can be used.  The Quickie Aircraft Corporation came out with the upgrade to the Q2 which was the LS1 canard with the carbon spar and lots of fuselage stiffeners, mass counter balances...  Just plopping a Cont 0-200A on your Q2 is asking to die in my opinion.   
Mike Dwyer Q200 N3QP

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