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A main wing repair killed a Q pilot years ago.
Yup, this is true BUT it is like hearing the nightly news which likes
to delete the entire back story.


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A main wing repair killed a Q pilot years ago.  Build a new wing,  it's not that bad. 
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Hi Sam

I have to do a repair on the main wing. . .
Before I bought the project the AC was ready to fly and they were doing taxi tests. long story short... high speed down the run way.., lift the tail wheel,.. lose the runway...nose over...delamination of the bottom skin of main wing.
So the idea is to fist do a repair, and load test the wing. If it holds it's good, if it doesn't then yes... build a new wing. If it wasn't so much work, it would have been easier to scrap the wing, but I did follow your canard replacement project. . . . not a fun job.  
The repair will be about 10% of the cost, and time, so I could save 90%, OR the wing will be 10% more of what it would have been.
I will probably not load test a new wing, but will definitely test the repair.
Getting back to my original question, having flown as many hrs as you have, do you think it is possible to generate a load 2000lb flexing the wing tips 10.5" in flight? I flew with a friend in his Q2, and we tried...pulling the stick back as hard as he could, eye-baling  down the leading edge, we could not observe any flex in the wing.

Looking forward to any advice.

ps. I don't thing the subject of this thread is really appropriate, but I read in q-talk about Jay's presentation, which said " He concentrated his focus on thrust lines, canard and main wing mounting angles and the relationship between them." Which lead me to believe my question had some relevance to the subject. 


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