Re: Never Wet, slick surface, water proofing paint, Chrome paint

Patrick Panzera

Might want to test the surface temps of this "chrome" treatment. In my experience,  chrome gets WAY hotter than white when left in the sun.

On Jan 4, 2015 3:58 PM, "kitfoxjeff@... [Q-LIST]" <Q-LIST@...> wrote:

Few question of surface slickness,.... I have decided to paint my Q-2 (Ls-1) bird a few shades of Chrome from Spectra Chrome. I guess that these finishes are relatively new, real cool looking. I may use some Chrome Vehicle wrap material for some of the stripes and design.  You can Google Chrome vehicle wraps, and have a look how cool these Chrome finishes look.

Now as for the questions:

I have been seeing a lot of interesting videos on the new in reference to product that water proof surfaces like never before. Water drops don't stick to painted surfaces once treated. Even surfaces that are almost flat. You need to see what I mean on you tube. Well, are they accomplishing a decrease in surface adhesion? If so, are they making the surfaces more slick? Can we possible have a Faster plane if our planes were coated with this stuff? How about on a propeller? More slick surfaces? Has anyone tried any of these products for speed?

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