ForeFlight has added a synthetic vision upgrade to their popular iPad-based flight-planning software, the company recently announced. The upgrade provides a three-dimensional view of terrain and airport features, and dims or brightens to simulate daylight and night conditions. The Stratus ADS-B receiver is not required to run the feature, the company says, but with Stratus 2, the built-in AHRS "drives a super responsive pitch and bank instrument in the center of the Synthetic Vision view."
With AHRS, the upgrade provides a "backup glass cockpit on your iPad" that can help you stay aware of your position and surroundings, the company says. Without the Stratus AHRS, the horizon at the center of the synthetic vision view remains fixed, and displays GPS-derived ground speed, altitude, vertical speed, track, and an HSI display with course deviation indicator. The feature works in either split-screen or full-screen mode. It's available to current subscribers for a $25 annual fee. A full review of the new upgrade will be featured in the February issue of Aviation Consumer magazine.


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