Re: Q-200 Aerodynamics Study

One Sky Dog


Now you have let the cat out of the bag, you will not be able to be the fastest Tri Q with your neutral lifting main gear legs.



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Thanks Jerry, The videos you made with the camera beneath your vertical fin were VERY valuable to me. When I finish part 3, you will see how much I learned from your video, but basically you allowed me to figure out what the main gear leg was doing aerodynamically to affect the cruise characteristics of the Tri-Q. Quite insightful. So stay tuned. For now, you may be most interested in flipping to the latter half of part 2, for discussion of landing and takeoff behavior in ground effect. You may need the earlier half of part 2 to understand the graphs, but maybe not...after all you are a fighter jock!

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q still building

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